"As a full time Waterfowl outfitter, I have to count on my dogs, Cash and Ripp, not only as members of the family but an essential part of my livelihood - CTK is the only one I trust to train my boys to the highest level of field trial competition while creating the highest level a hunting retriever can perform in the field.”- TJ Mallette , Frontline Waterfowl

“I first met Clint 11 years ago when I was training my young Lab and a golden puppy, and he offered his help with both dogs.  I was struck by his absolute love and dedication to working with young dogs and his natural ability to look for and develop the best in each dog. Over the years I have watched him mature from a young neophyte into a confident and capable trainer who truly loves the dogs he works with.  He’s kind, caring and always ready to help on any front.  Clint put titles on both my Labs and they both love him, which says a lot about Clint, the man! " - Nona Bauer

“I met Clint in 2011 at a hunt test, I️ was having some troubles with a young dog and after talking with him for the day decided to send her with him. A few months later we are entering field trial, which I️ didn’t know anything about. Clint and Grace were able to earn several placements and jams over the next 2 years. I️ was amazed by his dedication and work ethic, that is why he has trained all my dogs since then and always will. Thanks Clint“ - Chris Abel